Mindfulness & Wellbeing

I haven't been very well for the past nine months suffering from poor physical health that wasn't responding to any medication. I had struggled emotionally to cope with my illness whilst continuing to go to work as usual. In October 2019 I began to suffer from headaches and was admitted to hospital as no medication was helping, I later descovered that I was suffering from stress at work and this was contibuting to my poor physical and emotional health. Subsequently I took three months sick leave and returned to work in Jan 2020.

When I returned to work I felt anxious and emotional and I began to question if I could go back to work because of the way I was feeling. Thankfully I saw a poster on Facebook shared by the Infinitiy charity about the group and decided to come along to the session.

I asked a friend to join me and came to Curzon Ashton last week for the very first time. At first I felt a little out of placeas most of the group were elderly, however I took a seat and was made to feel very welcome. This completely put me at ease, I was offered different services including hairdressing, yoga and reiki and I tried them all. The staff were all equally caring and ensured I was given privacy to have my hair cut behind a screen because I am a Muslim and wear a head scarf. This I am very greatful for. Jamie the yoga teacher was amazing he and the reiki therapist Katie, helped me to regain some control and confidence. I can honestly say that after meeting them both I have turned a huge corner and no longer feel anxious or emotional, I feel great. I want to thank everyone who have worked to provide these services and look forward to continue attending the sessions in the future.

Once again I can't thank everyone enough. This group has really changed my life. From almost giving up to finding a new lease o life. 

                                           Anonymous - Mindfulness & Wellbeing