Military Vets

This team has helped my mental health since my accident, it feels as much of a brotherhood as the Army.

Anonymous - Military Veteran


I was one of the original team players when the team first formed, it is a great set up and fantastic to see Military Veterans coming out of the woodwork donning the old boots and getting stuck into something they enjoy with like minded people. It does help those that need it to focus and more importantly helps with fitness. The age range of the players is great to see from early 20s right through to 69, unfortunatley due to worn out knees I had to stop playing but it's great to be able to watch and support the team. Being chairman of the RBL, AUL branch, we decided to support the Military Veterans team in way of getting them an away kit, which the guys proudly wear when playing.

Another good thing which is great is that the team also support our branch events and functions, a mix of ventures that go towards supporting our military veteran community.

Our branch are also proud to be involved with Curzon Ashton FC at Remembrance and we are proud to be involved eith the Tommy Howarth Memorial Competition, Tommy was a great supporter of our branch and worked hard during the Poppy Appeal.

All of the involvement between our branch and Curzon Ashton Military Veterans FC goes a long way. The branch wish the Military Veterans Football Team all the best for the future, it's great to see how far they've come and what the future holds.

Scott Pringle - Royal British Legion, Ashton branch, board member & partner of Curzon Ashton Military Veterans


Having left the Armed Forces many years ago i became detatched and isolated from the friendship/brotherhood I experienced there. I became quite a lone, introspective person. The only part of my work/life balance that prospered was my career. I became a resonably high achiever which has led to a comfortable retirement. My personal life suffered, possibly because of my work ethic, but most probably due to my military service.

Two years ago I descovered the AFVBC and was introduced to Chris Moulton, a founing member of Curzon AshtonMilitary Veterans FC. Since then my outlook on life has altered dramatically, it has eased my propensity for social isolation and identifying with the group has given me a stronger sense of purpose and security.

The club has created a culture where everyone feels like they belong the minute they join. One that is inclusive but exclusive. Being the eldest member may make me wiser but the younger members inspire me to achieve a new otlook on life. Of course the added benefit of playing football increases the 'team ethos' and mroe importantly keeps me physically active which should impact beneficially on my health.

All in all, I hope this inspires other 'aged' veterans to come and join us at Curzon Ashton Military Veterans Football Team.

Anonymous - Curzon Ashton Military Veteran


Being part of a team feels like somewhat being back in the army, pushing each other to be better either by a telling off or through positive feedback. The togetherness of the team makes me feel like I've known them years not months and the banter within the team is what every Squaddie misses. It was the best move I made joining the team.

Lance - Military Veteran


Three years ago a team was formed at Curzon Ashton for military veterans, the idea behind it was to get veterans together and engage in active sports winning last years Remembrance Cup and playing other veterans teams.

This is not just a team of veterans playinging football, it is a family, a band of brothers that play together and socialise together. Our young coach, Isaac Keast, believed in us and puts in 110% and has gained the respect and loyalty of the team.

Together we are STRONGER.

Anonymous - Military Veteran


As one of the youngest players in the gruop it's been easy to fit in. I have been with the group for about Two years and it is great to see how far the team has come both on and off the pitch. It's more than just a Friday night kick about, it brings back the family feeling that you lose when you leave the army.

We are a close knit group of lads that get on very well. No matter if you are going through a bad time like I have recently, the lads are always here to talk. Without the team I don't know where I would be right now as it has helped me massively overcome some telling times.

It's great to get us actuve again as well. I am looking forward to see how we can continue to grow and push boundries even more.

Anonymous - Military Veteran


What the team means to me is 'brotherhood', we are friends that play and socialise together.

Isaac has put his own time and effort into the team to train us and make us fitter.

It's not only Veterans I train with - I brought my 12 year old lad to training with me and he gets involved and has been made to feel part of the family. 

Anonymous - Military Veteran


The Military Veterans Football Team means a lot to me, I was asked to run the team back in March 2018.

Before this team I have only ever coached football to my junior team, Curzon Ashton U8s, so I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about coaching grown men, but it has helped me grow not only as a football coach but as a person.

I have always had an admiration for the Armed Forces. My late Stepdad was a Sergeant Major for the Royal Signals and having the chance to work alongside ex-military personnel was something I was really looking forward to.

Being able to help Ex-Servicemen physically and mentally is something I've really loved and it is something Iwill carry on doing for the rest of my football career. 

Isaac Keast - Manager, Military Veterans